Download PicoTorrent v0.22 (also available on FossHub)


The main feature this release is labels. Labels are like categories, but better. When you add a torrent, you can also apply a label to it. The torrent list view supports filtering on labels, and it also supports having a background color for the row depending on the label.

Adding label support is the first step in making PicoTorrent handle more advanced use cases. For example, in future releases labels will be able to control download/upload rate limits, etc.

A pretty sweet label color if I may say.

Labels also support an Apply filter which is an ECMAScript regular expression that automatically matches any torrents you add and apply that label to them. For example, having the apply filter ^debian.*$ add adding a torrent that starts with debian will automatically apply that label, changing the save path, etc.

Increasing quality

The last few releases, Crashpad reporting has been broken and no reports have been received. This has now changed, and crash reporting should be up and running again, meaning I can be proactive when it comes to crashes and also get a good look at issues in PicoTorrent even though you might not report them on GitHub.

Saving resume data regularly

A timer has been added that will automatically save resume data every five minutes for the torrents that need it. This will reduce the risk of losing a significant amount of data if PicoTorrent crashes.

The interval can be configured in the advanced settings if you want to increase or reduce the interval.

Bug fixes

There's been quite a few bug fixes as well, such as torrent list columns not persisting states correctly, the file tree appending files when selecting torrents, etc.


Since I set up the PicoTorrent Weblate instance it feels like translations are coming in more frequently, which I think is great! I really like the idea of a dedicated tool instead of manually hacking in JSON files.

If you're interested in translating PicoTorrent to your language - please head over to and sign in with your GitHub account to get started. Easy!


Some upcoming fixes, features and improvements.

Better installer

In the upcoming versions of PicoTorrent, I still have the installer improvements I've been working on. Those changes are soon in a pull request near you.

RSS support

I really want to add some simple RSS support, integrated with labels and all the other goodies we have. I've put up a draft pull request for RSS monitoring which has been without activity for a week or two while I've been finishing all the things I've wanted to add to this release, but now I can focus more on that. So head over to GitHub and let us make RSS monitoring spicy again!

The end

That's all for now. Download the bytes while they're fresh!

I've added a new (and better) way of getting in touch - our own Discord server. We already miss you so come hang out and post your dankest memes!

As always, if you like PicoTorrent and want to support its development, sponsoring me on GitHub is always an option! 🐌

Happy torrenting!