Download PicoTorrent v0.23 (also available on FossHub)

PQL - a query language

PQL is one of the bigger new features in this release. It is short for PicoTorrent Query Language and adds querying capabilities to PicoTorrent. Since we don't have any status filtering etc, and I want to keep the UI small and clean, adding a simple query language seemed like a good solution 🙄

The query language can later be used to enhance other parts of PicoTorrent, but for now it can filter the torrent list view.

Filtering the torrent list view with the built-in console. Easy!

Just go to View -> Console, enter your query and hit enter. The list view will filter. Head over to the PQL documentation to learn more!

PQL is built on ANTLR4 which is a powerful generator for creating things like this.

A better 'Add torrent' dialog

In my quest to make PicoTorrent better for a larger amount of torrents, I've made two significant changes. First is the Open file dialog which will now work directly with the Win32 API to handle opening many torrents better.

The second change is our new Add torrent dialog which has been redesigned and made easier to work with. The file list is moved to the right and a tracker editor has been added as well. This in and of itself doesn't make supporting thousands of torrents easier, but it paves the way for the upcoming Add multi-torrent dialog.

We are PicoTorrent and we approve of this Linux distro.

Other equally important fixes

There has been bug fixes as well, mostly related to Unicode. One of which made it impossible to use Unicode paths in the save path. This release fixes that.

wxWidgets has been updated to version 3.1.4 and libtorrent has been updated to the latest RC_2_0 version.

Translations have been coming in steadily which is super nice to see! If you're interested in translating PicoTorrent, head over to our Weblate instance!

The end

That's all for now, again. Feel free to stop by our Discord server and hang out with us! ☺

As always, if you like PicoTorrent and want to support its development, sponsoring me on GitHub is always an option! 🐌

Happy torrenting!